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The Allegro Ice Dance Club is based at the Botany Paradice Ice Skating Rink and welcomes skaters of all ages and abilities and will be able to advise and help you on your skating journey.

Does the club have a set of rules that governs it?

As an incorporated society, the Allegro Ice Dance Club is governed by set of ‘rules’ which is known as the Club Constitution. In addition the club is affiliated to the New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association.

The club also has a set of guidelines for Electronic Meetings and Club Membership which are both referenced in our Club Constitution.

Do we have any Life Members?

Our Life Members are as follows:

Craig Anderson - For more information on Craig's contribution to Allegro Ice Dance Club can be read on this blog post.

Maureen Forrester - For more information on Maureen's contribution to Allegro Ice Dance Club can be read on this blog post.

Craig Anderson

How do I join the Allegro Ice Dance Club

Whether you are joining our club for the first time or moving from another club / city, the process is all the same. All you need to do is fill out the 2024 Allegro Club Membership Form and we will be in touch with you. Club membership is for a calendar year, however for the purposes of tests at the start of the Year, your membership from the previous year is valid until 31 March.

What is a TC Registration?

This is a Test and Competition Number that is allocated to a skater for their entire skating journey, from a tiny tot right up into your adult years.  Your TC number is allocated by the New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association (NZIFSA), of which our club is a member. Your TC number will be required when taking NZIFSA tests and competing in local club, regional and national events.

Your TC number is linked to tests that you have passed and results of competitions that you have participated in as a skater throughout your skating journey. All this information is found on the NZIFSA Website under the Members Area and specifically the ‘myNZIFSA’ tab. The process in obtaining a TC number for the first time is simple and is explained in the TC Registration Document. This document also explains how to renew your annual TC Registration.

What are NZIFSA Tests?

In order for a skater to progress through the skating grades, stroking, free skate and dance tests are required to be taken. These are dependent on what discipline you are following and are to be discussed in conjunction with your coach who will help you with your skating journey. Tests are predetermined by NZIFSA and all skaters around the country are tested on the same skills for each discipline. Please refer to the NZIFSA Rules and Regulations and specifically Section 500 which explains tests for each discipline and level.

How do I book a NZIFSA Test?

In consultation with your coach, refer to the available tests in your area which are found on the TESTS page of the NZIFSA Website  There are different test forms depending on which rink you and your coach decide to sit your test. These are found on the FORM page of the NZIFSA Website  Once you have downloaded the form, filled it in and ensured that your coach has signed off your test form, email it to the Allegro home club secretary on

Please note – no test forms will be accepted if your coach has not signed the form.  At the same time as emailing your test form please ensure you have done a direct debit to Allegro Ice Dance Club – bank details as follows: KIWIBANK – 38-9002-0262718-00. Please include the “Skaters Initial & Surname” in the particulars and “TEST” in the reference field.

If you would like to review the Stroking Skills Test Manual, follow this link from the NZIFSA Website.

What if I want to do a competition and where are the events listed?

All local, regional, national and some international events are listed on the NZIFSA Website on the Competitions page. This competition page is updated as each club books their championships. This is where you will find all the entries and results for each event. Your coach will help you determine the best grade to skate in as it is dependent on your test level. Please refer to the NZIFSA Rules and Regulations page and specifically to Section 200 which explains the competition grades for each discipline.

I have entered a local competition, but they are asking for my PPC to be uploaded – what is this and how do I do this?

Your PPC are your technical “Planned Program Components” that your coach has planned into your skating routine. It includes your jumps, spins, step sequence and choreographic sequences. At a competition, the technical panel use your PPC to anticipate what type of technical element each skater is about to execute. If you do not enter your PPC it makes life for the Technical Panel very difficult on the competition day. Your PPC is uploaded against your TC registration number on the NZIFSA Website. This can be updated by yourself as a skater / parent or it can be done by your coach. Please talk to your coach to find out if they typically upload it or if they would like you to upload it. To upload or verify your PPC please refer to the Entering PPC – How To Document below.

What do I need to know about competition judging?

For each programme that the athlete, couple, pair or team executes, the Total Segment Score (TSS) is determined by adding up the Total Element Score, the Programme Component Score and then subtracting any deductions. In compulsory dance the TSS is factored (divided by the number of compulsory dances to be skated). Athletes can lose points for falling, performing illegal elements, time violations, and for costume or music violations.

There are two distinct panels under the International Judging System (IJS) that clubs use for their championships, each with different functions:

  •  A “Technical Panel” consisting of a Technical Controller, Technical Specialist and Assistant Technical Specialist who decide which elements were performed and assign levels of difficulty. The Data Operator records what has been called by the Technical Controller and Video Replay Operator captures the skater’s programme in blocks according to the elements performed and has it available in case a review of an element is required.
  •  A “Judges Panel” consisting of a Referee and up to five judges (or more overseas) which determine the Grades of Execution (GOE) of each element and assigns the Programme Component marks.

A computer system for entering marks, replaying video of elements, and controlling the scoreboard is managed by the Accountant. 

How do I qualify for NZ Nationals and what Technical Element Score (TES) is required?

In New Zealand, throughout the year qualifying competitions are held at club and regional level culminating in the National Championships typically in the October School Holidays and the Australian National Championships in November/December. Skating at the Australian National Championships is not a given, skaters and teams are required to obtain a specific Technical Element Score (TES) at the NZ National Championships. The TES are the points awarded for the required elements, for example in synchronized skating it could include elements such as Blocks, Intersections, Lines, Circles, etc. or for Singles examples of elements are various jumps and jump combinations (Axel, Lutz, Loop, etc.), Step Sequences and different Spins.

The required TES is determined by NZIFSA and is documented in the Selection Policy which is found on the NZIFSA Rules and Regulations tab under the NZIFSA Policy Documents heading.

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