Life Membership – Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson Allegro

Craig and his wife Victoria Volkova used to Ice Dance together and were the founding members of the Allegro Ice Dance Club (incorporated in 2003), setting up the club to promote dance, and in addition to hold our annual Allegro Ice Dance competition to promote dance and artistic events that focused on choreography & interpretation of music.   Craig was the founding President of the club since its inception and remained the President until the AGM in 2016 where Tania Bellegue took over.

At the Allegro Ice Dance Club AGM on 25 August 2018, it was agreed that Craig Anderson, as a founder member of the club, be made a Life Member of the Club.

As well as Craig’s involvement with the Allegro Ice Dance Club, he AIDC, he has dedicated many hours and years to the ice-skating sport in general.  He designed and was actively involved in the development of the current New Zealand Ice Figure Skating website which has been around since 2000.  In 2006 he was elected onto the NZISA Council (as it was known in those days) and was actively involved with the restructuring of NZIFSA as a Council and Technical Committee to the NZIFSA Governance / Management model that we have today.  The restructure began in 2009 and was adopted by the clubs during 2011.  His roles on the NZISA council included Treasurer and Council Member.

Craig was an integral part of the North Island Ice Skating Sub Association (NIISSA) and was involved on the NI committee for more than 10 years prior to 2016 as Committee Member, President and Treasurer.


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