Life Membership - Maureen Forrester

On 20 June 2020 at the AIDC AGM Maureen Forrester was awarded Life Membership and Service to Club for the following reasons:

"AIDC was registered as an Incorporated Society on 2/12/2003 and Maureen was listed as one of the 15 members required to sign the application form together with the constitution of the club which was originally named as the Aotearoa Ice Dance Club Incorporated.  The club name was changed to Allegro Ice Dance Club at the AGM on 24 June 2004.

Maureen joined AIDC on 01/07/2005 (this is from Sally’s archive records that she has – we may need to confirm with Maureen at the committee meeting) and has been an integral part of Allegro Ice Dance Club since then originally with helping to run the Allegro Ice Dance and Artistic competition together with Craig Anderson and Vicki Volkova who are both founding members of the club.

Maureen became the club secretary in 2013 (will need to clarify this with Maureen at the meeting) and has tireless worked in this role until July 2019. In addition to being the club secretary she has put together the Allegro Ice Dance and Artistic event with minimal help from the club’s committee and the event has always been a successful and fund end of year competition that both spectators and entrants enjoy. Maureen has such a passion and enjoyment for ice skating, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone she interacts with. 

In 2010, Maureen was instrumental in starting the 1st adult synchronized ice-skating team, the “Icy Chicks”.  The adult team was renamed to “Momentum” in 2014.

In 2018 the club almost doubled in size with Titanium a Basic Novice Synchronized team joining the club.  Maureen ensured that all the new members and parents were made very welcome.  Maureen has also until very recently been the grants officer for the club and has worked tirelessly in applying for funding to help all the Allegro synchronized teams with their ice time and club development sessions.  Maureen also took on the role of team manager to the Momentum team, organizing the team training sessions and the entries to the local club competitions.

While Maureen is no longer the club Secretary, she is still actively involved on the club committee. Without Maureen, the Allegro Ice Dance Club would have folded many years ago. Maureen gives selflessly of her time to the club and adult synchronized team without a second thought. The club with it’s growing numbers is due to Maureen and the club would like to recognize her service to the club for more than 10 years by awarding her Life Membership."


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