2019 Allegro Ice Dance and Artistic Competition

2019 Allegro Ice Dance and Artistic Competition

The 2019 event was our 16th annual Allegro Ice Dance and Artistic Competition.  This artistic event offers a great opportunity for skaters to work on expression, movement and choreography which is so important in all disciplines of ice figure skating.  Dance events focus on essentials such as edge quality, footwork, timing and expression.

This artistic event is unique in that it offers a variety of single and group events, catering for all ages and levels and does not focus on the technical requirements required of other Ice Figure Skating Championships.

Categories typically include the following:

Le Patinage Artistique

This is the classic artistic event where jumps and spins count only for their choreographic and interpretive effect, allowing skaters to work on the expression, movement and choreography that are so important in all disciplines of ice figure skating. Props are allowed, with some restrictions.

Skating as a Group

Le Patinage Artistique includes divisions for groups of 2 to 9 skaters, a synchro event for synchro teams, and dance events for couples as well as groups (see Shadow Dance). Pairs teams can compete in Le Pat events, too. Dance events are open to couples of any gender combination. This is a great opportunity to get out there and perform with your friends.


In this event, the music is chosen by the organisers, and the skaters will not hear it until their warmup. Skaters will not be allowed to watch the performances of skaters in the event who skate before them. Be creative and challenge your imagination.

Ice Dance

Dance events focus on essentials such as edge quality, footwork, timing and expression. There is something for everyone, from pattern dances to original dances, all of which can be competed solo, in a couple (of any gender combination) or in a group of 2 or more skaters.

Theatre on Ice

Theatre on Ice is a creation performed by 8 to 40 skaters using all aspects of figure skating. It incorporates a theme, emotion or story that is enhanced by music. It is a package that includes five dimensions: theme; music/sound; choreography and skating movements; performance and rapport between skaters or sub-groups of skaters; costuming; props and scenery (if used).

Skate School

Many of the events, have divisions that are open to skate school students and other skaters, including adults, who have not passed any NZIFSA medal tests.

Tiny Tots

This division is for those 6 or under who are enrolled in the Tiny Tots portion of the Paradice Skate School programme and want to take centre ice in a relaxed environment. All skaters will skate together or in groups depending on the number of entries, with coaches on the ice to take them through the elements. 


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