Reflections from our Allegro Figure Skaters

Ivana Chen

Ivana Chen – 4th place in 2018 North Island Championships in the Pre-Elementary Grade

The first time I stepped on the ice when I was 7 years old and it has been 3 years while I am doing Ice Skating now. I love this sport much more than the others. I started in a Synchronized Skating which I enjoyed skating with my friends, then I decided to do a solo skater as well. I was glad to be selected as NZIFSC development squad in 2018, which encouraged me to keep going.

In 2019 at Auckland Ice Figure Skating Club Championships, I came 3rd place on Elementary Ladies 10 years and under. Our Synchronized Team - Platinum also came 1st place on Synchronized Basic Novice.

My short-term goal is that our Platinum Synchronised Team can enter into the 2019 New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Championship in Gore and represent New Zealand at the Australian National Championship in December. For my solo skating, my short-term goal is to pass the Stroking Test 2 and working on the Axel Jump."

Marina Chen – 2018 NZ Juvenile Ladies U12 Champion, 3rd / 22 Hollins Trophy 2019, Sydney

I started ice skating when I was seven years old. I started skating because I felt a passion for this sport and I really like the feeling I get when I am skating.

Ice skating is what I do as a sport and I like to be able to express myself and enjoy what I do. I do find things challenging but I like to face them and try my best.

My goals are to attend a Junior Grand Prix and international competitions and to have triples in my program and good quality spins. I enjoy myself more and more each day with my sport. Now I am in Allegro Ice Dance Club, I feel supported and this club thinks about everyone and try to make the best future for all skaters, so I feel very lucky to be part of this club.

Dwayne Li - One of our clubs up and coming skaters, he placed 1st place in the 2018 NZ Basic Novice Men as a guest. 

He says “Hi my name is Dwayne Li and I'm ten years old. I'm an ice skater and my club is the Allegro Ice Dance Club. I was 4 when I first stepped on ice just for fun. After a few years, I started to take this sport seriously. I was 7 when I had my first ever official lesson. I really liked ice skating because I just felt a passion for it. Ice skating requires a lot of strength, flexibility and balance. But this sport, also helps me overcome many difficulties that we are faced with every day.

I started competing from 2017, and in 2018-2019, I came 1st in Basic Novice Men at Glenburn Figure skating Club Championships, 1st at Hollins Trophy Co-operative Cup in Australia, 1st at Auckland Ice Figure Skating Championships, 1st at West Auckland Ice skating Club Championships, 1st at North Island Championships and 1st at New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Championships. My next goal is to compete in Junior next year and to eventually compete internationally.

I am very proud to be part of the Allegro Ice Dance Club; I feel very included and I wish to make a better future and I feel really lucky to be in this club.”

Lelin (Jessie) Wang – 2nd place in the 2018 NZ Junior Ladies as a guest.  She has also passed her Gold Stroking in May 2019

My name is Lelin Wang and I have been skating since I was eight years old. I find ice skating such a beautiful sport which requires strength, flexibility and artistic flair.

It is hard to find another sport like ice skating that requires so much skill. In the past few years I have learnt so much from ice skating; not just the skills, but also how to balance schoolwork and training. The key thing I have learnt is that I must focus my inputs into this sport to achieve what I am aiming for which is to step up to another level. Although most of the training is hard and some days depressing, I have learnt how to manage my training and overcome my fear and other negative emotions. These experiences that many of my peers have not ever had to deal with or work through. I think those precious experiences are the reason why I am determined to keep doing this sport and ice skating simply becomes one part of my life.

I started to compete in New Zealand in 2017 as a guest skater and won some places in Junior Ladies level which included:
2017 - 2nd place - West Auckland Ice Skating Club Championship
2018 - 1st place - North Island Ice Skating Sub Association Championship
2018 - 2nd place - New Zealand Ice Skating Club Championship

I can’t achieve my goals and successes without the support from coach Bess Cao who pushes me to my limits and truly inspired me to be the best that I can be. And in the year of 2019 it is such an opportunity to be representing Allegro Ice Dance Club in such an amazing sport. I am trying to improve with the rest of the team to achieve more and becoming better.


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